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I knew for some time I wanted to start a travel site. My first thought was to cover literally every place that I have some sort of knowledge about or interest in. I eventually decided that would be overwhelming for both the reader and me, so I decided to focus on Southeast Asia. At first, the Ninja Explorer will focus specifically on Thailand, but gradually it will broaden its focus to all of Southeast Asia.

What I Hope Will Make Ninja Explorer Different

Rather than just cover attractions, destinations and tasty food, I want to cover a lot of the nuts and bolts of travel. Things like trip planning, how to get good deals on flights, how to get deals on accommodations and how to get around once you are on the ground in Southeast Asia. Another big part of what I want to do at the Ninja Explorer is to build a community with active discussion, so please feel free to leave comments at the bottom of our articles or ask questions. If you would like to write your own articles about your experiences in Southeast Asia, please contact me for more information.