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About Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are outbound links to other sites like booking agents and retailers that pay a referral fee to the Ninja Explorer for sending you to that site. These fees are only paid if you buy a product or use a service using out outgoing affiliate links. These fees don’t cost you anything. If you have found the information at the Ninja Explorer useful in planning your trip, I’d appreciate you coming back here and booking your flights, hotels or buying your travel accessories through our site. It helps keep the site going.

Note: Not all outgoing links on the Ninja Explorer are affiliate links. We made the decision to support this site with affiliate links rather than popups, popunders and ads that start playing videos when you load a page. Usually, affiliate links are provided by Ninja Explorer as a convenience to our visitors as we are not specifically recommending that product or service unless otherwise noted, nor are we recommending you buy that product or service from the particular merchant or service provider linked to.