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Can I bring My Prescription Drugs To Thailand?

Can I Bring My Prescription Drugs To Thailand

Can I bring my prescription drugs to Thailand? The short answer is that you can bring up to a 30 day supply of most prescriptions into Thailand. However, you need to check to see if your prescription drugs are on one of the two prohibited lists. Some of the prescriptions you find on these lists will require a special medical exemption to bring them into Thailand. Others on these lists are not permitted at all. Obviously, if you can’t take your regular medications while in Thailand, that can cause a problem.

Don’t Take These Prescription Drugs To Thailand

There is a prohibited Narcotic List and prohibited Psychotropic List. Common ADHD medications, sleeping pills, pain killers, mental health medications and anxiety medications appear on these lists.

Can I bring My Prohibited Prescription Drugs To Thailand With An Exemption?

You can find instructions on how to get an exemption on the official Thai Embassy website. It is recommended that you apply for an exemption at least 14 days before you enter Thailand.

Only narcotics on the Category 2 narcotics list are eligible for the exemption. If your prescription is not in Category 2 you cannot bring it into Thailand as there is no exemption available. Only psychotropics in Catagories 2, 3 and 4 on the psychotropics list are eligible for an exemption.

What If My Prescription Isn’t On One Of These Two Prohibited Lists?

If your prescription is not on the narcotics or psychotropics list, you should be able to bring your prescription into the country. This assumes you don’t have more than a 30 day supply on you and your prescription labels are attached and readable.