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Did you know there are thousands of women looking to date American men in Thailand right now? Have you thought about Thai dating? So, how do you meet women looking for dates in Thailand?

The easiest way to meet people interested in dating in Thailand is on the dating sites that are popular with Thais that reside in Thailand. Using this approach, you can line up potential dates before you leave for Thailand. To cut to the chase, there are only two legitimate Thai dating sites with real members of enough quantity to justify joining. These sites are Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. These sites are so busy that there are female Thais online all the time. Both of these sites also work really well for finding dates while you are on the ground in Thailand. You can often find a date within minutes of logging in if you are in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin or other areas that cater to western tourists.

Note: These dating sites are geared towards people that want to meet Thais in Thailand, not for people that want to meet Thais living in America. Check the rest of our site for information about traveling to Thailand including how much a trip to Thailand will cost.

Thai Dating Sites Reviewed

Thai Cupid – is a large active dating site with members all across Thailand. Many of the women you find on this site are receptive to dating American men. Within 48 hours of signing up for this site, listing my location as my state in America, I had more than 100 real Thai women looking to get to know me. In fact, the interest was so high for this average-looking mid 40s male, I was a bit overwhelmed. Note: Thai Cupid is not owned by or affilated with OkCupid.

Thai Friendly – is a large and active site in terms of membership. You will find a lot of the women members are receptive to dating American men. If I had to come up with a few things that set Thai Friendly apart from Thai Cupid, I’d say the atmosphere is more laid back. Also, if you want to date someone significantly younger than you, this would be the best choice. This site also works great if you are on the ground in Thailand looking for a date.

Neither one of these sites is better than the other. Both have a volume of real Thai females interested in dating American men. They are both Thai dating sites first rather than American dating sites that decided to add a Thai dating page as an afterthought. Both sites offer free memberships that don’t require a credit card. You can sign up at both and look around before you decide which one you want to get a paid membership at.

Why Do So Many Men Travel To Thailand To date?

American men like dating in Thailand because it is, to put it bluntly, easier to get dates. There are some theories as to why this is. I will go over a few of them. Keep in mind these are generalizations.

  • A lot of Thai women grow up watching American movies. They tend to believe in that American fairytale. You know the one. A man sweeps a woman off her feet and after a whirlwind romance, they get married and live happily ever after. Some Thai women assume that romance with an American man would be just like it is in the movies. If you run into a Thai woman who is looking for an American man to sweep her off her feet and live happily ever after, her expectations will be high.
  • In Thailand, gender roles are more what we Americans would call traditional. This appeals to some men.
  • Thai women tend to be more receptive to dating men that are older than them.
  • A lot of Thai women have at least a basic grasp of English. This makes dating in Thailand easier for Americans or any male from an English speaking country. In addition, a lot of street signs, hotel signs, menus and public transportation signage are in both Thai and English making it easy to get around.
  • Because of the favorable exchange rate, an American male with an average or even slightly below-average income can afford to take a potential Thai girlfriend on the type of dates he just couldn’t afford in the United States.

When It Comes To Dating In Thailand Please Keep In Mind

Not every Thai woman is looking to date an American man or is willing to date a man more than a couple of years older than she is. However, you will likely find more than one Thai woman interested in dating you on one of these two sites. At these Thai dating sites, you can find women interested in everything from one simple date to those that want to be your forever girlfriend plus everything in between.

About Ladyboys

You can’t discuss dating in Thailand without at least mentioning ladyboys. For those of you that don’t know, ladyboys are male to female transsexuals. Ladyboys have been an accepted part of Thai culture for a long time. There are a lot of ladyboys in Thailand looking to date American men. I have found that most self-identify on the dating sites as Transsexual. If ever in doubt, you can always ask. Just please be sure to ask nicely.

If you are interested in dating a Ladyboy, Thai Friendly is your best choice. In addition to female members, they have a lot of ladyboy members. The ladyboys are identifiable by a T next to their user name and yes, if you don’t want to see their profiles, you can filter them out by selecting females only.