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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Thailand?

Monsoon Season
Monsoon Season In Phuket

The best time to go to Thailand depends on what you want to accomplish on your vacation and what your budget is. There are two main seasons a High and a Low season.

Thailand’s High Season

The high season runs from November until May. The weather is often pleasant, but your rooms and entertainment will cost more during this time of year. The famous beaches, temples, night markets, restaurants, bars and even the sidewalks along the streets will likely be a hive of activity. These dense crowds can intimidate first-time visitors.

If you choose to go during high season, you will need to make your transportation and accommodation arrangements sooner as flights and hotels book up earlier. You are more likely to encounter large tour groups this time of year. Trust me, it is no fun to arrive at your hotel to find the lobby, restaurant, lounge, hallways and pool area full of loud and obnoxious members of a tour group.

If your primary purpose of visiting Thailand is to spend time on the beaches or other outdoor activities, booking a trip during the high season is your best bet.

Thailand’s Low Season

Thailand’s low season runs from May until November. It rains frequently, but that doesn’t mean it rains all day or every day. The temperatures and humidity during this season are high. However, the low season is the cheapest time of year to visit Thailand. If your plans primarily include shopping, visiting indoor attractions or sampling the nightlife, the rain won’t hamper you as long as you don’t mind getting caught in a downpour from time to time.

During low season you will generally find sparser crowds at the attractions, bars and even on the streets. Good deals are to be had on accommodations. Restaurants are more likely to offer special deals to lure you in. It is a good time to go if you are trying to avoid some of the larger tour groups.

The Best Time To Go To Thailand Also Depends On Where You Are Going.

Different destinations in Thailand vary in terms of rainfall and temperature during the seasons. The variations in rainfall can be significant between the northern and southern regions. For example, Bangkok’s wettest month is September while Ko Samui’s wettest month is November. It is best to consult historical temperature and rainfall data by month for the specific destination or destinations you choose.